Jim Madden, Head Brewer

Jim can guide you along the Appalachian Trail, tell you the best skinny-dipping spots from Pennsylvania to Mexico and on North to Alaska, and provide hours of entertainment lecturing about polymerization. The man holds multiple patents from his work at Union Carbide and DOW Chemical. Needless to say, a chemical engineer by trade and adventurer by nature, Jim brings a technically creative approach to his twenty plus years as a home brewer. Before joining Ten Pin, Jim was brewing the largest legal batches at home and typically had six to eight taps flowing in his house. Jim has already won multiple home brewer medals and awards and has begun picking even more with his Ten Pin beers.

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B.J. Garbe, CEO

B.J. is a man with focus and tenacity, something rooted in his years playing professional baseball for the Minnesota Twins, Seattle Mariners and Florida Marlins. A Moses Lake native, B.J. returned to his hometown after completing studies at Oregon State University and soon took the helm of Lake Bowl Inc. as CEO. Intent on carrying forward a legacy of innovation and growth, he soon saw parallels between his home brewing and love of craft beer and the future of his family’s business. B.J. took a calculated step with a three-barrel system built into Lake Bowl, the family’s bowling alley built in 1957, and Ten Pin Brewing was born. Now, with Jim Madden in place as head brewer, B.J. is ready to go fire up a new seven thousand, five-hundred barrel facility slated to start filling cans and kegs in March of 2016.

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Sam Russell, Sales Manager

A Moses Lake native and grandson of George Russell, Sam grew up in the family business and learned the restaurant trade between frames on the lane. Today, a partner in the Porterhouse Steakhouse with his brother, Sam has deep knowledge in restaurant and bar operations. This insight provides him with a clear understanding of the day-to-day operations and needs of Ten Pin’s restaurant customers. Sharing in the vision brewery’s vision, Sam steps in as our Sales Manager ready to spread the word of Ten Pin Brewing but also to be a strong partner for our distributors and customers.

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